photo of the arrest of “Mauritanian George Floyd” made the black community angry

According to Hamza Jaafar, this behavior from the ministry proves that the authorities want to censor any controversies surrounding this topic:

If this were not the case with George Floyd, this gesture by the police might have gone unnoticed: the police are used to attacking civilians during their arrests. This time, bloggers close to the government began to justify this muscular arrest by saying he was a criminal who had attacked the police before fleeing. They even released pictures showing that one of the officers was allegedly injured in the hand.

The publication of Hamid Oueld Mohammed, followed by 38000 subscribers on Facebook claim to show the hand of one of two police officers who are allegedly being attacked by the arrested person.

Other bloggers favoring the Mauritanian authorities, such as Mohamed Lamine Abd Eddayem, for their part, appreciated that the police were victims of a smear campaign.

“Young man dies? no, he is not dead, it is (just) a method of stopping thieves, whether black or white. The comparison of this image with what happened to George Floyd is not reasonable and the comparison between Mauritania and the United States is a crime … “, comments this blogger as Hamza Jaafar considered how close he is to security services.

According to the Mauritanian news site Al Akhbar, the author of the photo, was arrested, “which is a warning to those who will be filming similar scenes in the future,” says Hamza Jaafar.

The Mauritanian Interior Ministry sent a document to the editor of the Observateurs de France24 indicating that the two police officers had been transferred to a location in the eastern country to respond to this brutal arrest. However, according to a source within the same ministry, but who preferred to remain anonymous, this decision would only be a “regular measure” and the event would be considered above all an “internal issue”. Internet users considered close to the Mauritanian authorities, as Amid Oueld Mohammed, said on their site Facebook that the two police officers were said to have been jailed for three days before being transferred.

A document signed by the Director General of the Mauritanian National Security, Mesgharou Ould Sidi, and published by the Mauritanian news site Nawafedhconfirms the assignment of these two police officers to the eastern country.

Article written off Omar Tiss