several “negligence” behind the crash of an Airbus A320 in Karachi

The crash on May 22 of an Airbus A320 in Karachi is mainly due to the “negligence” of pilots and air traffic controllers, the Pakistani Minister of Aviation said on Wednesday. A total of 97 people died in the crash of this PIA aircraft.

The crash of an Airbus A320 by the company PIA on May 22 in Karachi is due to “negligence” of the pilots, victims of “overconfidence” and air traffic controllers, confirmed on Wednesday, June 24, Pakistani aviation minister 97 people died in the accident.

“There has been negligence on both sides,” said Ghulam Sarwar Khan, who presented his first report to Parliament. “The pilot ignored the instructions from the air traffic controllers, who for their part did not report the damage” that a first failed landing attempt had caused to the plane, he explained.


Throughout the landing phase, “The pilot and co-pilot were not concentrated and throughout the conversation they talked about the corona. The virus was in their minds, their family was affected and they were discussing it,” said Ghulam Sarwar Khan, based on the knock on the aircraft’s black boxes manufactured in France.

“When (the pilot) reached the landing site, the control tower told him ‘you are too tall, you must descend’. He quickly listened to the call and said, ‘I am coming out’. Then he started talking about the corona virus again,” said the minister, pointing to the pilots’ “overconfidence” and their lack of “concentration”.

The aircraft, the landing gear pulled back, then first tried to land, its engines touching the ground three times before launching for a second aborted attempt, according to Ghulam Sarwar Khan.

“We dropped the engines”

The control tower “should have informed (the pilots) when it saw the aircraft landing on its engines and noticed that the fire was coming out of the engines, but it did not,” he said. he regrets.

The aircraft eventually crashed into a residential area, killing 97 of the 99 people on board, including eight crew members.

A recording confirmed shortly after the accident by a PIA spokesman had heard a pilot’s emergency call to the control tower, declaring: “We have dropped the engines”.

Pakistan International Airlines A320 flew between Lahore and Karachi. Her cabin crashed a short distance from the runway in a residential area.

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