The Arab League demands that foreign forces be withdrawn from Libya

In a statement released on Tuesday following a videoconferencing conference called by Cairo, the Arab League claims to reject “all illegitimate foreign intervention” in Libya and calls for “withdrawal of all foreign forces from Libyan territory and its territorial waters”.

At the request of Egypt, the Arab League held a video conference on Tuesday (June 23) on the conflict in Libya between the forces of the National Unity Government (GNA), recognized by the UN and headquartered in Tripoli, to the troops of Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the strong man to the east of the country. The meeting was attended by representatives of 21 Arab countries, including the GNA, who had initially refused Egypt’s invitation.

In a statement, the Arab League rejects all illegal foreign interventions in Libya and calls for the “withdrawal of all foreign forces from Libya’s territory and its territorial waters”. The organization also requires that conversations begin.


However, the representative of the GNA, Saleh al-Shemakhy, expressed reservations about this call from the Arab League, explaining that the foreign forces supporting the GNA contributed to rejecting the “aggression” of the forces in Marshal Haftar.

After several months of an offensive aimed at taking Tripoli, Marshal Haftar’s forces faced adversaries against GNA with the support of drones and Turkish military advisers. The GNA forces are now targeting the coastal town of Sirte, located 450 kilometers east of Tripoli and a strategic lock against the march of Haftar’s penitentiary.

Egypt warned on Saturday that any progress made by pro-GNA against Sirte could involve “direct” intervention by Cairo. GNA condemned Egypt’s threat as a “declaration of war”.

With AFP