the third day of demonstration in Tataouine to demand the release of an activist

Hundreds of Tunisians demonstrated on Tuesday, June 23 in Tataouine, in the southern country, to demand that a figure in the protest movement be released claiming the thousands of jobs promised by the government in 2017.

For the third day in a row, hundreds of Tunisians gathered on Tuesday, June 23 in Tataouine to demonstrate in favor of the release of Tarek Haddad, a figure in the protest movement that claims jobs promised by the government in this marginalized region south of the country.

Massed in calm before the city court where the police were deployed in large numbers, they demanded that the activist arrested on Saturday be released.

According to his lawyer, AbdelazizAyeb, TarekHaddad is charged with “contempt of a public official”, “participation in a gathering that is likely to disrupt public peace”, “contempt through social networks” and “impeding the circulation through force”.

He is scheduled to show up on July 2, M told AFP.eAyeb, who applied for release.

The previous two days, security forces fired tear gas to disperse protesters who threw stones at them. The army has been deployed since Monday to protect some buildings in the city 500 kilometers south of Tunis.

“Tataouine, don’t give up”

Tunisian President KaïsSaïed had received activists from Tataouine in January, where unemployment reached 30%, double the national average. He said on Tuesday that “the security method is not a solution. It can trigger other protests and hot spots”.

The president was taken to the mission in Paris, where he visits, by supporters of Tunisian protesters, and sang “Tataouine, Don’t Give Up”. According to a witness, he offered to receive representatives of the protesters in the presidential palace.

Promises from the government in 2017, after weeks of blocking a nearby oil site, related to hiring in garden and green area maintenance companies. This type of public enterprise has served to employ the unemployed in several marginalized regions rich in raw materials. But in Tataouine, employees did not keep promises.

“There is no garden in Tataouine,” KaïsSaïedd said in his interview with France 24, urging the unemployed to “present development projects” to the state.

A special ministerial council is scheduled for Friday on the situation in Tataouine, according to the government.

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