Ebola in DR Congo: end of the 10th epidemic in the eastern country

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a short break in its fight against Ebola. The end of the epidemic in the eastern country, the second most serious, was announced on Thursday. However, another epidemic is still being explained in the West, in Mbandaka. The country is also facing coronavirus pandemic and a very virulent epidemic of measles. Details in this issue.

Abidjan is once again in the grip of storms that have caused major flooding. In some districts the water has risen to more than one meter. At least two people have been killed, several injured and much material damage.

The Ivory Coast has also announced the reopening of its air borders from July 1. International flights will be able to resume after three months of interruption due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Senegalese President Macky Sall has quarantined himself after being in contact with a person infected with Covid-19. He claims to have undergone a test that turned out to be negative but preferred to follow the medical recommendations. More information with our correspondent in Dakar in this magazine.

Healthcare workers in South Africa sound the alarm. Lack of equipment, fatigue, stress … caregivers are struggling to cope with an increasing number of patients, while the pandemic peak has not yet been reached. Report on Cape Town.

Finally, we go to the Kenyan region of Maasai Mara in this edition. Usually the nature reserve is the most visited in the country but due to the pandemic there are no more visitors. No tourist can enter the country since March 15 and the tourism sector has collapsed.