In France, the number of unemployed persons after decontamination decreased

In May, France recorded an unprecedented decline since 1996 in the number of unemployed job seekers, ie. 149,900 fewer people compared to April. However, these figures are nuanced by still high unemployment and only a partial recovery in activity.

In France, the lifting of containment resulted in the resumption of a sub-activity, according to data published on Thursday, June 25 by the Ministry of Labor and Pôle Emploi.

The number of jobseekers without activity registered a record fall in May: the number of jobseekers registered with Pôle employed in category A (without any activity) fell 3.3% last month, or 149,900 fewer people compared to April.

But the total number of categories A, B and C for the unemployed reached a historic level of 6125 million people.

1% increase in unemployment for all categories together

Although it is the largest monthly decrease since the start of this statistical series in 1996, the reduction in the number of unemployed without any activity has not made it possible to erase the explosion of unemployment registered in the light of general containment. in France (+ 7.1% in March, + 22.6% in April) and the number of registered persons in Category A is still very high at 4 426 million.

This sharp fall was mainly due to a transition to categories B and C (persons with reduced activity), and the combined workforce for the three categories therefore increased by 1%, or 61,000 additional registrants.

The fall in category A affects all age groups: those under 25 (-1.1%), those aged 25-49 (-3.6%) and those 50 years and over (-3.6%). Stronger in men (-3.9%) than in women (-2.6%), it was more pronounced in the regions then in the green zone than in those in the red zone.

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As a result of the resumption of operations, this reduction is driven “especially by those seeking a job in construction and public works, personal services and transport and logistics”, emphasizes Dares, the Ministry of Labor Statistics.

The first reports to Pôle employees have clearly recovered (+ 70%), after falling sharply in March and April, but some people, no doubt, given the situation, postponed their entry into the labor market.

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