No strict containment in Pakistan despite the spread of Covid-19

According to WHO, Pakistan is one of the countries with the fastest growing epidemic in the world, despite the fact that the health care system is more than fragile and that more strict containment cannot be expected. the government’s agenda. Report on site by Shahzaib Wahlah.

In recent weeks, coronavirus has hit hard in Pakistan. In the city of Lahore alone, 53 neighborhoods have been turned off. Despite the large increase in the number of cases in recent weeks, the government refuses to introduce strict containment in an attempt to save the country’s economy.

And this, despite the recommendations of the World Health Organization and in particular the state of the Pakistani health system. Breathtakingly, it has just a few thousand intensive care beds for 220 million inhabitants. Due to lack of space and equipment, hospitals are increasingly being forced to refuse patients.

A situation that has provoked violence against doctors in Karachi, the epicenter of the epidemic in Pakistan. “Our morals, us, the caregivers, are very low,” says Dr. Luqman in France 24. After the containment ceased, people did not respect the barriers and neither the sanitary protocols, and now the hospitals in the city are almost all full.

And the situation is likely to worsen, as the peak of the epidemic has not yet been reached.