Thirty years after his last title, Liverpool again sacred

Thirty years later, Liverpool is once again at the top of English football. The Mersey club celebrated its first national coronation in front of television since 1990, as Chelsea, by winning against Manchester City (2-1), finally ended the fate of the championship.

For the red, the time for liberation has finally come. At the end of a season controlled from start to finish, then canceled due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19, Liverpool finally went to get their 19e crowned champion in England, thirty years after the last.

The end of a curse for the Mersey club, which, however, did not have the time to celebrate their first hoped-for title. Unless behind closed doors, according to the sanitary measures in force in the Premier League, it was in front of the TV that Jürgen Klopp and his men saw their coronation formalized, at the end of a duel between Chelsea and Manchester City won by the Blues (2- 1).

A symbolic duel against City

Citizens, the last pretenders who are still theoretically taking the title in Liverpool, will therefore have abdicated the evening of 31e day. With 23 points behind and seven games to play, the Reds are now safe from an unlikely disaster.

Sadio Mané, Mohamed Salah and others will still have the opportunity to celebrate their ball-to-foot title on July 2. A success on the lawn of … Manchester City, late 32e today would have a symbolic significance for the Reds who were eventually freed from the Indian sign.