a final debate under tension for the three candidates in Paris

Three days into the second round of the municipal election on Sunday, the three candidates for mayor of Paris finally met on Thursday for this final debate on BFMTV and BFM Paris.

A final debate before the second round of the Paris municipal elections took place on Thursday, June 25, about the antenna for BFMTV and BFM Paris, despite a strike strike by employees in these news channels continuously. A first duel between the three challengers for mayors in the capital had already been organized last week on public service.

This last confrontation, whose attitude remained uncertain until the last moment, was marked by a strong split between the candidates left and right, against a candidate for the party with the presidential majority who struggled to win “Because I am extremely polite, I cannot speak,” annoyed Agnès Buzyn, facing her two rivals.

The list of outgoing mayor Anne Hidalgo, allied with environmental activists, largely tops the intentions of the vote (45%) in the second round of the Paris municipal election, ahead of RachidaDati (34%), according to a BVA poll published on Monday. Agnes Buzyn remains trapped in third place with 18% of the voting intentions.

Tense exchanges

Several issues were addressed during almost two hours of debate: the crisis and the world after Covid, before tackling the cycle plan, cleanliness, security, transport and continuing with housing, departures from the Parisians (estimated to be about 12,000 inhabitants per year).

As for security, RachidaDatia thanked the organization of the Parisian CEO and estimated that Anne Hidalgo had “so many alternates, that it will keep them busy”. In terms of cleanliness, the two competitors mentioned to the outgoing mayor the rats that “spread” (Dati) and “swarm” (Buzyn) in the capital.

Referring to the lower-risk consumption room, known as the “shooting room” in the 10th arrondissement, Agnès Buzyn acknowledged that she had not been there. “It’s not an open room, she didn’t understand, I think,” mocked Anne Hidalgo, talking with an accomplished air to RachidaDati.

When asked about the latest demonstrations against police violence, the right candidate estimated that “the uncertainty in Paris is much earlier than all these requirements” and recalled that criminal acts “exploded, all crimes together, by + 25%”. “There is no demonstration that does not end in a successful fight,” adds Rachida Dati, re-elected mayor of the Seventh District in the first round, noting that “it weakens all companies that end up kneeling.”

“The law must be respected whether the reasons are sympathetic to us or not,” said the former health minister.

Anne Hidalgo pointed to the state’s responsibility, pointing out that it is “the police prefecture that has the power to approve a demonstration with a national dimension” and briefly elicited processions against “the suppression of hospital employment”.

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