Bayern are still hoping to retain Thiago

Bayern Munich have not yet given up hope of getting Thiago Alcantara to sign a new contract.

Thiago Alcantara has only one year left on the Munich side. The current trend is towards a distinction between the Spanish international and the Bavarian club. However, leaders still have little hope of expanding it.

Hansi Flick, the team’s coach, does everything to keep the former Barcelona resident in the club. And he never misses the opportunity to praise his element and emphasizes its importance within the collective. He did so on Friday at a press conference.

“There is no news about the contract. We still talk almost every day, but there is no news, he told reporters. I see him every day at training and at matches. There are always so-called experts who have their own opinions. When you see it on the pitch and in training you see its extraordinary quality in possession of the ball. But he also showed that he could play without the ball. To me, there are no two opinions about the quality of Thiago. It gives the team a little extra. This is my opinion and there is no one else. “

Mazinho’s son has played for Bayern Munich since 2013. He has 230 matches and 31 goals with the German champions.