Emmanuel Macron “sure to be able to move on” with Russia, especially in Libya

The French president’s entourage said on Friday that the latter remains “confident that we can move forward” with Russia in many subjects. Statements made after a video conference between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Poutine.

Emmanuel Macron “is confident that we can move forward” with Russia on a number of topics, including the Libyan crisis, said his entourage, Friday, June 26, following a video conference interview between the French president and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

“The President is convinced that we can move forward with Russia on a certain number of topics,” according to this source, and cites especially Libya where, according to her, France and Russia share a “common interest that is stabilization [du pays] and the reunification of its institutions “.

The Ukrainian documentation was also discussed. Emmanuel Macron “stressed the importance of quickly restarting the implementation of the roadmap approved in Paris during the Normandy Summit on December 9, 2019,” it said in a press release from Élysée.

With AFP