In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lack of oxygen is causing panic in a southern hospital

Haydar el-Hamad, the author of the first video in this article, is a journalist and blogger from Nassiriya. He was there:

I covered the development of the pandemic. About 14 o’clock on June 24, it was learned that there was a lack of oxygen and that the first tank of medical oxygen from the capital Baghdad would not arrive until at least two hours. Given the limited number of medical and paramedical staff, each patient with Covid-19 relies on one of their relatives or friends to follow them permanently.

As soon as the information came out, panic broke out. During these two hours of oxygen deficiency, at least four people with coronavirus died. The dilapidated infrastructure and lack of medical staff at this hospital means that we have to rely on volunteers.

Two hours after the failure, the first thought finally came from Baghdad. In the video below, relatives of people with coronavirus rush to the load to make sure they get an oxygen cylinder to transfer it to the patient in an emergency.

In a terrible scene at Al-Hussein University Hospital, a collision between the relatives of patients with Covid-19 occurred to get an oxygen cylinder. If health ministers can’t handle this kind of simple problem, let him and his CEO go, ” wrote the caption in this video shared on Facebook.

CHU’s medical staff say they feel neglected

In a press point at Al-Hussein Hospital, forwarded on video of the information page to Radio additional bath, CHU medical managers urged the governor of Dhi Qar and the health minister to intervene urgently to strengthen the medical teams in personnel and equipment.

“We cannot see how our loved ones are dying in front of us because of the mercenaries and those who make the poor life their business,” this spokesman for CHU Al-Hussein’s medical staff said during a press briefing.

Following this controversy, the provincial chief of health confirmed that province Health Minister Hassan Tamimi had sent ten tons of oxygen to Al-Hussein University Hospital and that seven tonnes had also been delivered by the Ministry of Industry. He added that an oxygen tank with a capacity of 27 tonnes had been installed in the same hospital.

The editors of France 24 observers contacted the Iraqi Interior Ministry to find out more about the CHU’s situation and the response, but had received no response on June 26. We will publish this answer if it reaches us.

Nearly 40,000 infected and over 1400 killed Covid-19 in Iraq

The epidemic situation in the province is still worrying with more than 2,000 people affected by Covid-19 and 123 deaths since February. The provincial health and safety authorities have introduced a curfew since June 24 to stop the spread of the epidemic. June 25 marked the epidemic’s peak with 262 new cases and 11 deaths in one day.

According to official figures as of June 25 The Iraqi Ministry of Health officially identified 39,139 infections, of which 1,437 resulted in deaths, while 18,051 people recovered.

Article written off Omar Tiss