James’s stepfather says he wanted to sign Atétlico Madrid

Real Madrid’s playmaker’s stepfather, James Rodriguez, said the player wanted to join Atletico Madrid last summer.

“In my opinion, as James’s adoptive father, I believe that because of his daughter, staying in Spain was the best opportunity and especially if he could stay in Madrid,” Juan Carlos Restrepo said, according to the media. Colombian Gol Caracol.

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“James would have preferred to go to Atletico. That does not mean there has been no attempt or appreciation from other clubs. He feels comfortable in Spain, on a personal level, and was not convinced to change the country,” Restrepo added .

“But in the end, Madrid, who want to dominate in Spain and the world, still consider the player as important to his team and decided not to sell it. That was the official position.”

The Colombian midfielder’s contract to the real expires in 2021 and AS said Manchester United, Everton, Juventus and Napoli are among the clubs interested in his arrival