the planet faces the threat of a second wave

After long months of containment, after a gradual disruption, the European countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic may need to reconfigure their populations. A situation sketched by cartoonists of Cartooning for Peace.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is worried about a recovery in the Covid-19 epidemic, especially in Europe. “Last week, Europe saw an increase in weekly numbers for the first time in months,” an official from the international agency warned on Thursday, June 25. Each day, almost 20,000 new cases and more than 700 new deaths are recorded on the continent.

In favor of containment, the citizens released the pressure and their vigilance. But for several days, after an epidemic boom in Beijing, several new outbreaks have declared themselves in Portugal, Italy, Spain, but also in Germany, which has led the authorities to configure the population locally.

“Ready for a second wave?”, The cartoonists asked Cartooning for Peace.For Canadian Philippe Côté, this new wave may surprise more than one …

Born in Quebec in 1955, Côté, screenwriter and designer, became known through series. Long illustrator for the humor magazine Safarir and the daily newspaper in Quebec City, Le Soleil, where he works since 1997 as an editorial cartoonist, he often saw his drawings reproduced in Courrier International and Le Monde.

Cartooning for Peace is an international network of cartoonists who are committed to promoting, through the universality of the press, freedom of speech, human rights and mutual respect between peoples of different cultures or beliefs.