Dortmund confirms Ashraf Hakimi’s departure

The BVB leadership has confirmed that Moroccan defender Achraf Hakimi will no longer be part of the squad next season.

Borussia Dortmund challenges Hoffenheim this Saturday in the Bundesliga. This meeting should be the last of Ashraf Hakimi with the formation of Ruhr. Officials of Germany’s vice-champions acknowledged this Saturday that the Moroccan international will return to Real Madrid.

It was Michael Zorc, Borussia’s sports director, who mentioned the case with lateral luster. After long hoping to keep it, he realized that there was no chance that a new loan would be made with Merengue. “There has been a development this week. The price is much higher now. And that’s one point where we have to say: we don’t want this and we can’t do it,” he said.

The exit from the German official will consolidate rumors that have circulated in recent days and mention a commitment of Hakimi with another club. According to the Italian press, the right-back will take the direction of Inter Milan. Real Madrid should give up € 40 million to Nerazzurri.

Hakimi (26) has spent two entire seasons in Germany. A period in which he played 72 games and scored 9 goals. He also won a German Super Cup over the Rhine.