India exceeds 500,000 cases

India has reported more than 17,000 new cases of coronavirus pollution. The total number exceeds 500,000 in the country, with outbreaks of infection occurring in several major cities including the capital New Delhi.

India has surpassed 500,000 cases of coronavirus, the government announced on Saturday, June 27. The country has registered a total of 15,685 deaths due to Covid-19, and according to epidemiologists, the pandemic has not yet reached its peak, expected in several weeks, with the milestone for one million cases probably exceeded in July.

If India is in a phase of exclusion from containment, some states will re-impress it. The coronavirus is circulating in a disruptive way in the very densely populated cities of the country, with the main concern of the capital New Delhi, which with nearly 80,000 cases has passed Bombay as the most affected.

The fourth most affected country in the world

The Indian government has been severely criticized for its slowness in deploying tests, which critics have long concealed from the reality of the epidemic. number of Covid-19 cases, behind the US, Brazil and Russia, but has a much lower fee in the number of deaths.

The City of New Delhi is only planning to reach 500,000 cases by the end of July, and it has requisitioned carts, hotels and town halls to remove its hospitals.

About 33,000 healthcare professionals have been called to the rescue to survey 2 million people, or a tenth of the capital’s population. All other cities are preparing to get worse.

“It is likely that if we cannot apply a strict physical distance mechanism or tight containment, we are heading for a situation where the rate of infection will continue to increase,” said Anant Bhan, a public health expert.

“Unlike China, where the pandemic was relatively more concentrated, around Wuhan and a few other cities, India has a broader distribution that makes things a little more complicated for the health system,” he said. he explains.

This expert is considering the possibility of several peaks of pollution in the coming months, as the pandemic is spreading “varying across the country”.

With AFP and Reuters