L’Oréal will ban the words “fading” and “finished” from its products

The French group L’Oréal announced on Saturday in a press release that words such as “bleaching” will be removed from the descriptive packaging for their products, a global context for demonstrations against racism.

“Whitening”, “clear” … These conditions will soon no longer appear on the descriptive packaging for L’Oréal cosmetic products, the French group announced on Saturday, June 27 in a press release.

The group, whose range goes from Maybelline make-up to Lancôme skincare, did not provide any more information, especially whether the products concerned are withdrawn or not from the shelves.

Unilever renames Fair & Lovely

This decision comes after the Indian subsidiary Unilever, which chose to rename its skin-lightening cream, which is marketed under the name “Fair & Lovely”.

The English Dutch company has promised not to use the word “fair” because the brand says it is “committed to celebrating all skin tones”.

The scale of anti-racist protests, prompted by the death of George Floyd, an African-American suffocate by a white Minneapolis police officer in late May, puts pressure on businesses.

Several American groups have announced their intention to change their visual identity, such as Mars, which says they plan to develop their famous uncle Ben.

With AFP and Reuters