The pandemic is progressing in America, Europe is threatened by a new wave

The Covid-19 pandemic continues in the southern United States and Latin America and threatens to leave in Europe, where residents are called to remain vigilant.

The United States registered a record number of new cases of coronavirus infection on Friday, June 26. The country reported 45,242 new infections, the highest number ever recorded in 24 hours. The total number of Americans testing positive for the coronavirus is at least 2.48 million.

“We have a serious problem in some areas,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the most listened to by the US government expert on the pandemic, previously, citing south and west of the country. Pollution figures are constantly increasing. He urged his citizens to limit contact. “If you are infected, you will infect someone else who will infect someone else. And in the end, you will infect someone who is vulnerable,” he said.

Texas, one of the first US states to reopen its economy, canceled the process and ordered the closures on Friday. And Florida, known for its intense nightlife, has banned the sale of alcohol in bars.

The infection is increasing in 30 of the 50 US states, especially in the largest and most populous in the south and west: California, Texas and Florida.

Florida infection explosion

In Florida, the number of infections exploded in June after the containment ended. And the disease mainly affects young people: the average age of infection is 33 years, compared with 65 two months ago.

“People don’t understand the importance of exponential, which means that if we start from 7,000 cases today in Texas, we can have 14,000 in four days. We’re very late,” observes Barry Bloom, a professor of public health at Harvard.

In total, the pandemic has killed at least 490,771 people worldwide since China announced the first cases in December 2019, according to an AFP report on Friday night. According to WHO, ten million marks will be crossed next week. India has exceeded 500,000 cases, according to the latest number on Saturday. According to epidemiologists, it is during July that this country should register its millionth case.

After the United States (124,732 deaths in more than 2.3 million cases), Brazil suffered the most deaths (55,961). President Jair Bolsonaro continues to fuel the controversy after appealing a decision by a judge forcing him to wear a mask in public.

In Argentina, President Alberto Fernandez announced on Friday a tightening of the containment measures in Buenos Aires and its outskirts to 1your on July 17 before the increase in cases. Conversely, Peru, the second most affected country in Latin America, will deconfigure the capital Lima on Tuesday, where the epidemic wanes.

Pollution Acceleration 11European countries

In Europe, people are tempted to turn the page. European countries must decide on a proposed list of fifteen states whose travelers will be admitted to the EU on 1yourJuly, which excludes the United States and which includes China on terms. The list was drawn up at a meeting with ambassadors from EU countries and the Schengen area on Friday evening.

WHO is concerned about the acceleration of pollution in eleven European countries. Ukraine noted in particular 1,109 cases on Friday, a record, contagions accelerated since the lifting of restrictions on May 11. A “serious wave” according to the authorities, which is preparing new hospitals.

In the UK, the government has called on the British to be cautious and threaten to close the beaches where thousands of people have gathered in recent days when a heat wave crosses Europe.

In Rome, the Italian government announced that the school year began on September 14 with “maximum security”.

The pandemic is here to stop, the final phase of Davis Cup tennis, scheduled for November, postponed until November2021.

With AFP and Reuters