The video fraud civilization doubts Serbia’s choice

Sunday, June 21 was held in Serbia’s legislative and municipal elections, which won by the ruling party. A video has since circulated widely online showing a woman accompanied by several people in the polling booth and seems to think that there is a party with them on the poll. A case of obvious fraud according to CRTA, an independent election observation body.The video lasts 3’14, it shows a classroom where a choice takes place. A woman circulates in the room and accompanies three people in the voting booth, consisting of a large folded cardboard plate. It indicates for many voters a place on the ballot, which in advance appoints a party on the list printed on the ballot. Twice it puts in the ballot box instead of the voters.

The video was widely circulated on social media in Serbia from June 23, without the original source being identified. After the boycott election of the main opposition parties, the ruling party gathered 63% of the votes and its partner in the outgoing government coalition, 11%. According to the opposition, free elections were impossible because of the distortion of the media and the democratic landscape. Despite this call for a boycott, the choice institutes noted a participation rate of just under 50%.
Several indications testify that the video is recent and taken in Serbia

The editors of the Observateurs de France 24 were able to confirm that this video was taken during the legislative and municipal elections held on Sunday, June 21, thanks to several visual elements. First, many in this room have a surgical mask, a sign that the video was filmed after the onset of Covid-19, the wearing of a mask was not common in the country before the pandemic. The first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Serbia on March 6 and no other elections have been held since that date.

In this screenshot taken by the editors of the Observateurs de France 24, almost all the people in the classroom wear a mask. There are also two urns in different colors.

In addition, the two ballot boxes, one pink and the other blue, indicate that voters are invited to vote for two types of representatives, deputies and mayor, a hallmark of the June 21 election in Serbia. the last two clues reinforce the hypothesis that the video was filmed in Serbia: we hear several people speaking Serbian and we see on the wall the portrait of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, a Serbian linguist whose portraits are often shown in classrooms from the country.

To the left, a screenshot of the video, where we see the portrait of linguist Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, visible to the right in large format (credit: Wikipedia).