Tunisia reopens its borders

Tunisia reopens its borders after three months of closure due to a pandemic. But travelers’ entry will not be without health restrictions. A situation that worries tourists.

Tunisia’s borders had been closed very early, from March 18 to fight the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Three months later, they open on Saturday, June 27. With around fifty deaths and a thousand confirmed cases, Tunisia is one of the least affected countries.

When the borders were reopened, the authorities implemented important health measures. “They are quite complex,” said Lilia Blaise, France’s 24 correspondent in the country. “The Tunisian authorities have classified the countries with a color code depending on the level of the pandemic and the degree of pollution”.

Travelers from a “green country” should therefore not follow any procedure. On the other hand, those coming from an “orange country”, including France, are classified into two categories. First and foremost, tourists must present a negative test and are required to stay at the hotel they have booked with a very accurate tourist circle, while Tunisians residing abroad are also subjected to a test and self-insulation for 14 days at home.

Finally, the red list excludes tourists coming from these countries. Only Tunisians residing abroad are competent on national land. This list is of course developed according to the pandemic development in each country.

Impact on tourism

These very restrictive conditions worry tourists. “On the Ministry of Tourism, we are a little more optimistic. We are focusing on local tourism,” explains Lilia Blaise. “The big issue will also be Tunisians in the diaspora. There are more than a million Tunisians living abroad, 80% of whom are in Europe, who usually return in the summer. This is the big unknown. Will they be able to return with these conditions at the entrance? “our journalist asks.