Turkish hospitals were set up as a model for good governance over Covid-19

With less than 200,000 positive cases for 83 million inhabitants, Turkey appears to be a country that is successfully fighting coronavirus. The fact that the Turkish population is young and that most families for economic and cultural reasons do not send their seniors to pensioners has much to do with it. The Turkish method also stands out in hospitals.

Cerrahpasa Hospital, Istanbul Medical Faculty, has been one of the most active in the fight against Covid-19 in Turkey. The intensive care unit was closest to the patients with coronavirus.

“The first vagu is not over yet and all countries are preparing for a second wave in the fall. Of course, we expect this to happen here as well, but we have the capacity to take care of all patients,” explains Dr. Yalim Dikmen, director for this service.

The intensive care unit at this hospital has more than seven patients, but even at the height of the pandemic it was never overwhelmed. In order to avoid the influx of patients suffering from advanced disease, a specification of the Turkish hospital method was introduced.

“The doors of the hospital are open to everyone, there is no limit, if you have the slightest problem, the slightest doubt, you can go to the hospital, that is the most important point, I think,” says Professor Nuri Aydin, rector of medical school in Istanbul .

Develop medical tourism

Turkish hospitals also have greater latitude when it comes to choice of treatment. “We have a choice, as long as it meets the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. There are several possible treatments, including hydroxychloroquine with good results,” said Professor Nuri Aydin.

As this doctor explains, this hospital wants to take advantage of these good results against coronavirus by becoming more involved in medical tourism and by developing online consultations such as: “I think most of our consultations in the future You can go to the site, pay and you will to be online with one of our doctors, a professor from one of the most famous hospitals in Turkey. “

Turkey is one of the OECD countries that has invested most in recent years in the health sector, a commitment that is not without economic external motives. Medical tourism generated almost € 1.5 billion in 2018.