Basile Boli’s strong message to Mourad Boudjellal

Former Marseille legend Basile Boli repelled Mourad Bouedjellal through an arrest on social networks.

It is obvious that Mourad Boudjellal does not have much support for the sound project he must settle with the head of OM, and lands on Canebière’s breadth in the wake of a group of wealthy investors who have come from the Gulf. The former president of RC Toulon was even invited by a former Olympian to study the club’s history and respect a little more those who wrote it.

The former is Basile Boli. On social networks he has the strong personality of furious French rugby and who has the ambition to emigrate to football. The former defender did not like the Var businessman’s comments in the press and devalued the Phocaeans in the past, which is why he reacted harshly.

Boli demands respect

On Twitter, the hero of Munich 1993 wrote this Sunday: “Mr. Boudjellal. I just read and listened to your statements about OM. I just wanted to tell you to respect this club and this city. From Benbarek, Zatelli, Skoblar, Jean-Pierre Pain, Di Meco, Deschamps, Mandanda and Pape have we a story. “

A first message followed immediately by a second, dealing with the irony and the offensive: “You can block the port of Marseille with the money of others but at least, sportingly, respect the people who have lived and who live by the sound and air of this club. Basile Boli”. The response from Boudjellal, known for its sense of distribution, is already eagerly awaited.