Dortmund warns: “Not a penny from Sancho”

BVB CEO Hans Joachim Watzke spoke at Sport1 TV Doppelpass about the possible departures to Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho.

If it is very unlikely to see Erling Haaland leave BvB this summer, the situation is different for Jadon Sancho. It remains to be seen which club can pay the amount required by the German club.

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“There is nothing to say about Erling, he will stay. If Jadon approaches us and says he wants to leave what is happening, what has not happened so far, and that a club wants to spend what we ask, we will discuss it “But I don’t think there’s going to be a club that will pay the amount we need,” Borussia’s president demanded.

The specialized media provokes a decline after coronavirus in the transfer market, the pandemic has affected the clubs’ finances. But Watzke is firm.

“There will not be a single penny with ‘Corona discount’. We have passed the status where we had to sell players. I do not think there will be a transfer next summer.”

According to the English media, Dortmund demands € 130 million for Sancho.