Jérémy Ménez explains the choice of Reggina

The former French international has spread the reasons that drove him to commit himself to Reggina.

Jérémy Menez is back in Italy. Four years after leaving AC Milan, the former big French football jump crosses the Alps again to commit to Reggina. A choice that may seem surprising, as this formation takes place in Italian Serie B.

In fact, the ex-Parisian saw fit to explain to his fans why he chose this destination. “I needed a good human and sports project. I am finally back in Italy. The truth is that I am very happy to be back here ”, he said in an interview with Sky Italia, before admitting that Italy was his “Other Country”.

“Give the best of myself”

Ménez appreciated the welcome the fans of this training gave him: “They welcomed me, despite Covid-19. We will have plenty of time to get to know each other, but I already feel the warmth of the city and the passion that prevails there for the club. For two or three years I had lost some passion for football.

Finally, the former tricolor international has also shown his ambition, which joins the team and the club in general: “We all have a dream. I came here to give myself the best and go to Serie A, that’s the goal. “