Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille rock, exciting evening in Lille

Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille: several large French cities won on Sunday by environmental activists and / or trade unionists from the left. The mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, water to her was chosen on the thread, before tonight’s opponent with 227 votes.

  • Lyon: Grégory Doucet claims a “historic” victory

Ecologist Grégory Doucet, head of the list of a coalition uniting the EELV and the left parties, claimed a “historic” victory at the Lyon City Hall, Sunday June 28 in the evening, at the end of the second round of municipal elections.

Municipal 2020: Grégory Doucet (EELV) elected mayor of Lyon

“Lyon is at the meeting; we are at the meeting. Lyon has chosen ecology,” he was pleased with the press following a vote in which he came well before the foal of Gérard Collomb and right, Yann Cucherat, and to Georges Képénékian (LREM dissident), according to polling institutes that give him more than 20 points in advance while waiting for the official results.

“We will now do what we said because nothing will be done without Lyonnaises and Lyonnais,” he tried to calm down, following a campaign marked by the attacks of his opponents on the danger that would pose environmental activists about the city’s economic development.

  • Bordeaux: the end of a 73-year reign of the right

Eco-friendly Pierre Hurmic claimed victory in Bordeaux, defeated outgoing Mayor LR Nicolas Florian and ended 73 years of right-wing rule. This 64-year-old lawyer spoke at the town hall and promised to be “a full-time mayor of Bordeaux”.

“It’s a historic victory, I always thought the Bordeaux people were ripe for ecology. This victory, I will assume it without arrogance and with pride,” he said, adding that his first decision would be “to entrust the Finance Committee to a elected representative of the opposition “.

“Those who know me know that I will be a humble mayor, you will not see the least arrogant or vengeful words in my mouth,” he promised.

  • Marseille: relative majority for Michèle Rubirola

In Marseille, Michèle Rubirola, who led a left-wing coalition, finished 38.3% of the vote, eight points ahead of Jean-Claude Gaudin Martine Vassal (LR), and 42 seats for the 101st City Council. “It’s a relative victory for us but it’s a defeat for the right, “said Michèle Rubirola.

However, Martine Vassal (LR) refuses to acknowledge her defeat and returns to the “third round” on Friday during the municipal council. “Tonight I did not lose, tonight there is no majority in Marseille,” she said.

Despite the effort, the vote was marked by a record jump, 64.75%, or less than one of three voters who came to vote.

  • Little: Martine Aubry is re-elected on the thread

A win with 227 votes! PS mayor of Lille Martine Aubry appeared as a survivor on Sunday night in front of the national green wave, after triumphing over the wire, after a long tension, in front of his ex-eco ally Stéphane Baly.

To win her fourth and final term, the successor to Pierre Mauroy in 2001 was scared when she had been the campaign’s favorite for a long time. She won with 40% of the vote against 39.4% for Stéphane Baly and 20.6% for the other candidate in this triangular, the macronist Violette Spillebout, against the background of record possibility (more than 68%).

Aged 69, the former ministerial emblematic of the majority left, who remains in many “Lady of the 35 hours”, may also partly owe her greetings to the call to vote for her officials … Right-municipal opposition. As for the rebellious La France bosses who were worried about the green momentum of the upcoming polls, they encountered mezzo voce Martine Aubry.

Shortly after announcing his victory, the one who felt the wind on the ball was careful not to show up. “First and foremost, I feel great grief when it is so high in abstained votes in France and Lille. We will have to find politics again! I also feel great happiness having gained the confidence from Lilleborg to continue going far, much further on social justice and ecological transition, “said Martine Aubry.

  • Éric Piolle is re-elected in Grenoble

In Grenoble, Éric Piolle announced his re-election with more than 50% of the vote. And environmental activists can boast of victories in Besançon, Poitiers, Tours, Annecy and even in the -le-de-France in Colombes (almost 90,000 inhabitants), where Yannick Jadot, member of the board and former head of the European EELV list.

“What has won is the desire for a concrete ecology, in action, that offers solutions for travel, housing, food, how to weave the local economy,” he said. TF1, see “A jump on the ecological project”.

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