more than half a million deaths worldwide

The world passed two symbolic thresholds on Sunday: more than 500,000 dead and 10 million cases of coronavirus. The virus continues to wreak havoc in the US and Latin America and appears to be restarting in China.

According to the AFP number, 500,390 deaths and 10,099,576 cases of coronavirus worldwide were officially registered, Sunday, June 28 at 10:00 GMT. The number of deaths has doubled in just under two months and another 50,000 deaths have been recorded over the past ten days.

Europe is the continent with the most deaths (196,086 for 2,642,877 cases), followed by the US / Canada region (134,315, 2,642,754), Latin America and the Caribbean (111,640), 2,473,164), Asia (33,107, 1 219 230), the Middle East (15 505, 730 977), Africa (9 604, 381 396) and Oceania (133, 9 158).

Infection search in the United States

The United States is the country most affected, both in deaths (125,747) and cases (2,539,544). Although the number of daily deaths decreased slightly in June from the previous month, infectious increases in 30 of the 50 US states, especially in the largest and most populous in the southern and western parts of the country: California, Texas and Florida.

Some had to take a break from the deconfinance process. The governor of California, for example, ordered that the bars in Los Angeles and six other counties be closed on Sunday. This measure potentially affects a total of 13.5 million inhabitants. The governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom, also “advised” eight other counties, including the state of Sacramento, to do the same. He authorized the opening of California bars on June 12.

At the national level, more and more votes, especially among Republicans, are rising, so Donald Trump himself wears a mask to set an example. The US president never seemed to be in public.

Record in Bolivia

In Latin America, the most affected country is Brazil, which on Sunday had 57,622 deaths out of 1,344,143 confirmed cases, according to authorities.

Bolivia had a record-receiving coronavirus case every day on Saturday, adding 1,233 infections. “We are entering a phase of rapidly increasing cases of Covid-19,” said Health Minister Eidy Roca.

The mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda, warned that health care in the Ecuadorian capital was overwhelmed by the influx of patients. With 54,500 infections and more than 4,400 deaths, Ecuador is one of the most affected countries in Latin America.

Reconnection in sight in an English city

Europe is not spared. The city of Leicester, in the center of England, a town with 342,000 inhabitants, is partially being rebuilt due to a recurrence of cases, British Home Secretary Priti Patel said on Sunday.

To try to curb the economic shock of the pandemic, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday has to unveil a huge recovery plan based on infrastructure construction (roads, schools, hospitals, prisons). British GDP collapsed by 20.4% in April, a record high, and unemployment could exceed the peak of 3.3 million registered in 1984, according to media reports.

The situation is “serious” in Beijing

Candle of the pandemic, born in December in Wuhan, in the middle of the country, China is believed to have ended with Covid-19. But the virus reappeared in mid-June in Beijing, to the point that the authorities had to decide to close schools and limit several thousand people in residential areas deemed to be in danger. “The epidemic situation is serious and complex,” Xu Hejian, municipal spokesman, said on Sunday.

Local authorities have also announced the swallowing of Canton Anxin, located 60 kilometers south of Beijing, following the discovery of a dozen cases related to the epidemic’s rebound in the capital.

However, South Korea continues to return to normal. The country has managed to control the situation thanks to a very advanced strategy for testing and tracing contacts to infected people, without even introducing mandatory containment. As a result, spectators will once again be allowed to attend sporting events, authorities said on Sunday.

“I wear a mask”

Mandatory mask in some public places and green light to restore restrictive measures: The Iranian government decided to mobilize Sunday, the day after a call for vigilance by the Supreme Wizard, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The country most severely affected by the pandemic in the Middle East, Iran has recorded a record 144 deaths over the past 24 hours, which is high at almost three months, bringing the national death toll to 10,508.

“I wear a mask”: despite a campaign for public health to encourage Iranians to get out covered, only “50% of subway passengers wear masks” and “even less on the buses,” lamented the mayor of Tehran Pirouz Hanachi.

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