The Covid-19 epidemic is developing rapidly in Guyana

The health situation is deteriorating in Guyana, where 308 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 population were noted on Friday by the health agency Public Health France, against 88 a week earlier. The prefecture has closed bars and restaurants, while the peak of the epidemic is expected in mid-July.

While the metropolitan region of France has emerged from three months of containment, the Covid-19 epidemic continues to develop abroad. On Friday, June 26, the French Public Health Institute (SPF) considered the situation “worrying” in Guyana.

In the border territorial community in Brazil, the number of cases compared to the number of inhabitants exploded by 308 cases per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 88 a week earlier, SpF notes. The same is true for hospital admissions, especially in intensive care, which creates “tensions in the provision of care”.

Restrictive measures

“The continuation of viral circulation requires that you keep watch and continue to adopt the recommended preventive measures,” SpF emphasizes. The foreign territory has moved to “phase 3” of the anti-epidemic system, a classification aimed at limiting the circulation of the virus by “strengthening circulation-limiting measures and increasing screening capacity”, according to the agency. Guyana prefecture on Thursday evening reinforced the restriction measures to combat the epidemic by deciding the closure of bars and restaurants across the territory.

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The controls have been tightened at the Iracoubo and Régina road checkpoints, which “can only be crossed when submitting evidence and no longer on a simple presentation of a certificate”.

Twenty blocks, in Cayenne, Kourou, Macouria, Matoury, Montsinéry, Rémire Montjoly, Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, will be painted for “total containment”. This type of confinement, already deployed, particularly in Saint-Georges-de-L’Oyapock and Camopi, on the Brazilian border, and in a district of Rémire-Montjoly, near Cayenne, “has shown its effectiveness in greatly reducing the number of people who was affected by Covid-19 “, explains the prefect.

For a dozen municipalities, including Cayenne and Kourou, the curfew is strengthened and now extends during the week from 5 pm to 5 pm and on weekends from Saturday 1 to Monday morning 5 pm. Crossing the border into Brazil, where the pandemic has killed more than 53,000 people and is on the rise again in some regions, is also “completely banned”.

Permission for health care cases

These measures respond to requests from Foreign Minister Annick Girardin, who travel Tuesday and Wednesday in this territory with 300,000 residents who remain in health conditions until the end of October and where the epidemic peak is expected for “mid-July”. At this stage, the Minister has expressed reservations about a complete redevelopment of Guyana, but does not exclude its use if the epidemic continues to accelerate. On Friday, the territory had 3461 confirmed cases, 105 hospitalizations, 21 intensive care patients and 12 deaths, according to the prefecture.

A field hospital with 20 beds and an operating room was set up in Cayenne to take care of patients unaffected by the Sunday virus and to relieve pressure at the hospital center. A measure that Rodolphe Alexandre’s president of the Guyana Territorial Society considered insufficient: “As long as I don’t see a Mulhouse-type hospital [installé par les armées au plus fort de la crise dans le Haut-Rhin] here with beds and extra resuscitation capacity, I will not be reassured, “he said on Saturday.

The French Army sent an AirbusA400M on Friday to allow evacuation of Covid-19 patients from Guyana to hospitals available in the region.

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