the global number of cases has exceeded 10 million

More than 10 million cases of Covid-19 have now been identified worldwide, according to a Reuters count, while the total number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus is close to 500,000.

Covid-19 has killed more than 495,000 people worldwide, with nearly 10 million confirmed cases, according to a report made on Sunday, June 28 by Reuters. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this figure of 10 million is about twice as serious cases of influenza recorded each year worldwide. At this time, the WHO continues, the Covid-19 epidemic has killed as much as the flu in a year.

The symbolic field of 10 million cases is crossed at a time when a large number of countries, especially in Europe, are continuing their gradual exit from containment measures taken between March and May to prevent the virus.

But, pending the development of a possible vaccine, measures to promote social distance and health care in the countries most affected by the disease continue to be encouraged.

Even more so because some countries report on new sources of infection, which in Germany for example, lead to local “refinancing” measures to avoid going through a second wave, which is considered likely by many scientific experts, on a larger scale.

Brazil counts more than 1000 deaths in 24hours

With more than 2.5 million cases and more than 125,000 deaths caused by Covid-19, the United States is by far the most affected by the disease and represents only a quarter of the total number in the two areas while the country, with about 331 million of the population, stands for just over 4% of the world population.

Although the epidemic appeared to be under control in May, it has spread rapidly, affecting mainly southern and western states. On Friday, the United States reported 45,242 new confirmed cases, the highest daily increase since the illness began.

North America, Latin America and Europe each represent about 25% of cases, while Asia weighs 11% and the Middle East 9%.

In addition to the United States again, it is now raging Brazil, which reported 1109 deaths over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths linked to the virus to 57070, the Ministry of Health reported on Saturday.

The number of coronavirus cases confirmed increased by 38,693, more than 8,000 fewer than the previous day, for a total of 1,313,667 cases, the ministry added.

With AFP and Reuters