can the town hall in Marseille escape the left?

Le Printemps marseillais, led by ecologist MichèleRubirola, came out on top in terms of the number of votes in the city of Marseille, on Sunday, at the end of the second round of municipal elections. A result that only guarantees a relative majority for the left, Profit per sector. Although the court, which has ruled the city since 1995, does not recognize its defeat, the free electron Samia Ghali (former PS) can appoint the future mayor.

Marseille offers extra excitement. Generally ahead with eight points with surreal advantage, Martine Vassal (LR), at the end of the second round of the municipal election on June 28, MichèleRubirola, candidate for Printemps marseillais (left union) is not guaranteed to be elected mayor next Saturday.

Because despite the fact that the number of votes rose (38.28% of the vote), the verdict in the polls offered only a relative majority in a city where the results in the sectors weigh heavily on the composition of the municipal council. total points.

Thus, ecologistMichèleRubirolacompabilize42 council of the 101 constituting the Marseille hemicycle, against 39 for Martine Vassal (30.75% of the vote).

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“The vote does not give us a clear judgment,” admitted Michele Rubirola. Martine Vassal, whose campaign has been shaken by a scandal linked to possible fake agents, does not intend to throw in the towel despite the defeat in the fourth sector, historically right-wing for 25 years. “I have not lost, tonight there is no majority in Marseille”, but a “deadlock”, he said on Sunday evening see Monday.

“The majority of Marseillais put us in mind”

Spring lists in Marseille won in four of the eight sectors of the city: the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th, while the righties won in the 5th, 6th and 7th, from where it removed adjustments from the Stéphane Ravier National Assembly. A failure that must limit the Marine Le Pen party to playing the party party within the city council, where it will count 9 seats.

The last sector, the 8th, won the former socialist Samia Ghali, who is on the left. The senator from the northern districts can count on 8 seats of coveted municipal councils.

Finally, the dissident LR Bruno Gilles which finishes the table with three seats, has already assured that he will not vote for Martine Vassalsif that he still stood as a candidate for central mayor.

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Asked by France 24, Jean-Marc Coppola, candidate for Printemps Marseille in the eighth sector (35.23% of the vote, behind Samia Ghali, who won 38.16% of the vote), remains confident of the chance that Michele Rubiroladour will be elected mayor.

“Despite the national context of the low participation rate, the majority of Marseilles has put us at the forefront, so it must be so that the third round of these municipal elections, which will be played in the half cycle, is consistent with this will,” he asks.

Samia Ghali judge in the third round?

The fact remains that in order to succeed the outgoing Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin, the baron of right Marseille, the two camps must form alliances after negotiations that promise to become salty when the local political chessboard is fragmented.

“I do not see how those presented as king manufacturers could hinder the popular will,” continues Jean-Marc Coppola. Through their vote, the Marseilles said they wanted to turn a page, we must follow it, where we will then expand the gap a little more with voters, and we will increase the distrust of elected officials and politics. “

All eyes turn to Samia Ghali, whose gathering can be crucial to the conquest of the city controlled by the Right since 1995. “Marseille can no longer be done without the northern districts,” she hammered on Sunday evening, at. announcement of his victory in his sector. A subliminal message for those requesting his rally?

She was a figure in the political life of Marseilles and led a different knives campaign with her competitors on the left. candidates are democracy, “she argued during the campaign. It remains to be seen whether the election has gone, or Allierale campRubirola, now facing a candidate from Printemps Marseille, in a triangle against the RN in its sector.

“Who can imagine that Samia Ghali gives the keys to the city on the right she fought for 25 years?”, Launched on Sunday, on the waves in France Bleu, BenoitPayan (Printemps Marseille), new mayor of the other sector.

“Samia Ghali says he hedges right, not left, but pragmatic,” emphasizes Jean-Marc Coppola. Or whether it’s about promoting Marseille’s ambition and interests. “

And to conclude: “Regardless of the outcome of the scenario, we are not afraid to manage the city with a relative majority; it is less convenient than an absolute majority, but we will do so if needed.”