Donald Trump denies being informed of potential bonuses paid by Moscow in Afghanistan

Donald Trump said on Sunday that he had not been “informed” of possible bonuses Moscow paid to the uprising to kill Western soldiers in Afghanistan, contrary to what several newspapers claim. Russia and the Taliban denied this information in their entirety.

Donald Trump would not have been “informed”. The New York Times, then the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal reported that Russian agents had discreetly allocated money to fighters “near the Taliban” to kill US or NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. Information that would have escaped the US president and commander of the armies saying they had not been informed.

“No one informed me, or informed Vice President Mike Pence or Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, of the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by the Russians,” the US President assured in an tweet early one morning. “Everyone denies it and there haven’t been many attacks against us,” he added, attacking the “fake media” for the seventeenth time.

The mainstream US media claims that this information was transmitted to President Trump and that the White House National Security Council discussed it at the end of March without any response being decided. Large newspapers cite anonymous sources in US intelligence.

But the new director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, denied in a four-line statement that the execution was deliberate. “The New York Times and the following articles about an alleged meeting (in the White House) are inaccurate,” he wrote. Russia and the Taliban have also completely denied this information.

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin’s “boot licker”

These denials did not end the controversy. Whether President Trump “was informed or not, knew his administration,” Democratic Congress leader Nancy Pelosi noted on ABC News. If the Republican billionaire does not lie, that means his administration has chosen not to inform her, and this shows that she “is keen not to mention Russia [avec lui]”So Pelosi.” The President wants to ignore all charges against Russia. ” [de Vladimir Poutine] in every way possible, “she said again, accusing him of being more interested in his image today than digging the bottom of the case.

Former national security adviser John Bolton, in open conflict with Donald Trump as he recently devoted a book on vitriol, was extensively interviewed on CNN. “The fact that the president feels compelled to tweet about these articles shows that his priority is not the security of our forces, but not to appear indifferent,” said this Republican hawk who left the White House in September. For John Bolton, the president tries to clear himself: “He says no one kept me informed, so you can’t blame me.” He requests on Twitter that an “immediate investigation” be conducted to clarify this issue.

“No one has been stronger against Russia than the Trump administration”

The subject is really sensitive to Donald Trump who, less than five months after the presidential election, likes to condemn the supposed “weakness” of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, the former vice president of Barack Obama. “No one has been stronger against Russia than the Trump administration,” he tweeted again on Sunday morning. “With Joe Biden the corrupt and Obama, Russia had all the playing field,” he said.

In addition, the US government participates in sensitive talks with the Taliban uprising. On February 29, they signed a Doha agreement with Washington, promising to stop attacking. Since then, they no longer attack foreign soldiers, but continue their operations against the Afghan forces, which Washington continues to assist.

With AFP