François Fillon and his wife Penelope were sentenced in the fictitious job case

Former Prime Minister François Fillon was sentenced on Monday to five years in prison, including two years in prison, for embezzling public funds in the fictitious job fall for his wife Penelope, a scandal that ended an abrupt end to his campaign for the 2017 presidential election. participation and hidden.

Justice has ruled in the Fillon case. On Monday, June 29, Paris criminal court found François Fillon guilty of embezzling public funds in the fictitious job case for his wife Penelope. The scandal caused a movement in 2017 and parasitized his campaign for the presidential election, in the end he came in third position.

François Fillon was sentenced to five years in prison, two of which were closed. The Criminal Court, which did not issue a decision, attached this judgment to a fine of € 375,000 and a 10-year criminal sanction.

Case of fictitious job: François Fillon sentenced to 5 years in prison, of which 2 are closed

Penelope Fillon is found guilty of contributing and concealing misappropriation of public funds. She was sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of EUR 375,000 and to two years in prison.

The spouses of Fillon and their associate Marc Joulaud, the former substitute for François Fillon in Sarthe, were also ordered to repay more than one million euros to the National Assembly.

The verdict was pronounced in the early afternoon, after the silent rejection of the defense’s request to resume the procedure to highlight any “pressures” during the investigation. The spouses of Fillon indicated that they appealed their conviction.

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