Karachi stock market, at least 6 dead

Armed men attacked the stock exchange in Karachi, Pakistan’s financial capital, on Monday. At least six people have been killed, including the four attackers, according to police, who believe the situation is now under control.

Armed men launched an attack on Monday, June 29, against the Karachi Stock Exchange, the largest city and financial capital in Pakistan. But the situation is now under control.

At least six people were killed, police say, including the four assailants who were neutralized. Two others were killed, the army says.

According to local press, the attackers were equipped with grenades and firearms and they began firing at the entrance to the building. Heavily armed police forces quickly surrounded the building in the heart of the city’s business district, also home to the Bank of Pakistan, as well as financial headquarters for many national and international institutions.

This comes ten days after a grenade was thrown in a queue outside a welfare office, killing one person and injuring eight others. No group had taken responsibility for the attack. After a bloody decade in which the attacks were daily, the violence has dropped sharply in Pakistan. Such attacks are excluded when they were previously the norm.

With AFP, AP and Reuters