Barça – Antoine Griezmann, a dream LDC final against PSG … Lenglet’s confessions

Barça’s defender gave a long interview with Paris. The opportunity to discuss Griezmann’s difficulties and his dream poster in LDC.

Arrived at FC Barcelona in the summer of 2018, Clément Lenglet made his way to Catalonia. The Frenchman appears regularly in La Liga 22 times this season. While Barça faces the Atlético de Madrid in a potentially crucial title match on Tuesday night, confidence in the former ASNL and Sevilla FC at length during an interview with Paris. And inevitably, the difficulties of his partner and compatriot Antoine Griezmann were discussed …

“Antoine, in another style, turned us better at Atlético”

In the tough, the French striker has a complicated first season at Barça, but there is no reason to criticize him and doubt his qualities according to Clément Lenglet. “Antoine is well integrated into the locker room, there really are no problems. On the ground he knows himself that he can do better. But we must not forget his statistics. He still got 14 goals and delivered several assists”, wanted to clarify the central defender.

“For a first season, it’s not bad. But because Antoine, in a different style, won us better at Atlético, he is a player we are very demanding with. But I see him working hard at training can only get better. is always the same when a Barça striker does not score for two matches, it is because he is in trouble. When he scores two goals it looks like Super Antoine is back “, said Clement Lenglet, ready.

“A Barça PSG final would make you dream …”

In addition, the 25-year-old talked about his childhood, during which he was a supporter of PSG. A club he wants to face in the Champions League final. “As a kid, I was a real PSG supporter. My dad even took me to Camp des Loges to go to training. I remember meeting Ronaldinho, Pauleta and other great players who made history (…) But it was when I was young. Since I became a professional, everything has changed. When I started in Nancy I was in the same championship as Paris. I couldn’t support a team I played against. “, had fun with the French international.

While the two teams are still battling in C1, Clément Lenglet does not hide his dream poster: “A Barça PSG final would make you dream … Finally, assuming Barça wins it, of course”. Before that, it’s time for the Championship, and FC Barcelona are two points behind Real Madrid.