Belgian colonization in Congo: “I want to express my deep regrets”

In the press, on Tuesday, June 30, an investigation into the brutal birth control campaign in Beijing against minorities in Xinjiang met. A mea culpa of the King of the Belgians about his country’s colonial past. Emmanuel Macron’s Notice of Ecological Measures Proposed by Citizen’s Climate Convention. And “sleep divorce”.

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In the press this morning, this investigation by the Associated Press agency on Beijing’s brutal birth control campaign in Xinjiang against the Uighur community and other minorities.

Based on statistics from the Chinese government, official documents and interviews with former prisoners, this study shows that the Chinese state exposes women of these predominantly Muslim minorities to pregnancy tests, forcing them to be sterilized or to have abortion measures followed by threats of internment, say reportersImpartial Press, who discovered that having “too many” children may be enough reason to be sent to a camp. If the Chinese authorities have not answered the AP’s questions, Beijing has previously stated that these measures were fair, as they allow members of the majority Han community to have the same number of children as these minorities. Experts believe that these measures can be described as “demographic genocide”.

Also in the press, the sixtieth anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s independence today. This anniversary, which takes place in the midst of a debate on Belgium’s colonial past, and in the wake of demonstrations against racism and police violence, is marked by a first: the regrets expressed by Philippe of Belgium for “acts of violence” committed in Congo under his ancestor, Leopold II – whose statues have been vandalized in recent weeks, in the kingdom. evening welcomes a “necessary gesture, which causes the king and his country to grow” – a gesture considered all the more difficult because it is “in conflict” with the attitude of King Baudoin, King Philip’s uncle and mentor.

The colonial past is also increasingly questioned in Senegal. According to Cross, the demonstrations in the United States since George Floyd’s death have also “raised awareness and revived anti-colonialist claims” in the former French colony, where the debate specifically relates to the resettlement or not of a statue of General Faidherbe in Saint-Louis, of which he is the governor. Some Senegalese object to the work returning to its position when it has been fully restored: “This symbol of domination, of stranger, will end up in the river. We have our heroes to honor, warned blogger Thierno Dicko.

In France, President Macron announced yesterday that he would resume almost all of the measures proposed in the Citizens’ Climate Convention. Release notes that this announcement comes “expediently”, following the green victory in the municipal elections – thus this front takes the title of the famous movie “In the hunt for the green diamond” which shows the head of state and the prime minister photographed yesterday, in a cloud of green. Incidentally, the magazine, which also notes that Emmanuel Macron “avoids” the most delicate measures, such as dividend tax, reminds that “officially Macron was already green at his election, (that) the departure of Nicolas Hulot has shown that it was a layer of superficial color” and said that this time he expected “a clear color, which does not fade during the days”.

We don’t leave each other on it. International mail reports a trend identified by The Daily Telegraph: “sleep difference”, the sleep difference – in other words, the fact of sleeping apart. An increasing trend since the Covid-19 epidemic, but not only, because a study conducted before the pandemic began to reveal that “sleep-separated” was already twice as many as in 2010. This practice allows, among other things, to protect against snoring of spouses or inconveniences such as are linked to offset schedules …

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