“De Bruyne has to applaud players who cannot tie the tips”

Manchester City are planning an honor roll for the new champion Liverpool. A tribute discussed in England.

Former Liverpool player Danny Murphy did not hide his skepticism about the honor hatred that City are planning to do at the Reds during the match between the two teams scheduled for Thursday night.

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“The fact that City want to do an honors match on Thursday shows their humility and recognition of their opponents’ qualities, and it’s a way for them to say ‘play well’ in Liverpool. I think it’s a no-no,” he said to the BBC microphone in the Match of the Day show.

“I wouldn’t want to do it because it wouldn’t be sincere. Fans don’t want it to happen, the players don’t want it either. It’s just for the show but it means nothing. (…) When I played Liverpool, and “Manchester United became champions, we knew they were better. You have to respect that and do your best to be like them. This is how you show that you respect them,” Murphy said again, before talking strongly about Kevin De Bruyne.

“De Bruyne is really the best midfielder in the world, and he has to applaud and make an honorary hurdle for players who can’t even tie their strings.”