“destructive mentality”, “criminal responsibility”, the tone rises between Paris and Ankara

A “historical and criminal responsibility” of Turkey in the Libyan conflict. Emmanuel Macron stepped up on Monday, escalating tensions with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while diplomatic conflicts between Paris and Ankara have multiplied in recent weeks.

Week after week, the oral contest that opposes Paris and Ankara continues over the war in Libya, where they accuse each other of “hindering peace”. On Monday, June 29, President Emmanuel Macron appreciated Turquieavaitune’s “historical and criminal responsibility” in the Libyan conflict as a country that “claims to be a member of NATO”.

“We are in a time of substantial clarification of Turkish policy in Libya, which is unacceptable to us,” Emmanuel Macron added during a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Meseberg, Germany.

The head of state also accused Turkey of RecepTayyipErdogandene for respecting “none of its commitments from the Berlin Conference” organized in January, and for “increasing its military presence in Libya and massively re-importing jihadist fighters from Syria”, in violation of the UN embargo .

A much more muscular exit than when the French presidency condemned, in mid-June, the “unacceptable” interventionism of Ankara, then, on June 22, a “dangerous game” in Libya, where Emmanuel Macron saw a new demonstration of “brain death” “by NATO.

Turkey’s direct and demonstrated intervention in Libya reversed the balance of power in favor of the National Union Government (GNA) camp, recognized by the international community and supported by President RecepTayyipErdogan. And this at the expense of the National Libyan Army (ANL) by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, supported by Russia and Egypt. A marshal now loses speed than France, though she denies it, also backed, accuses the Turks.

Ankara condemns France’s “destructive mentality”

In response to the French president, Turkey strongly favored France’s “destructive” attitude to Libya on Tuesday, accusing it of strengthening Russia’s presence in this country torn by a civil war since 2011.

“France, which Macron is directing or rather that he cannot handle right now, is only (in Libya) pursuing its interests with a destructive mentality,” replied the head of Turkish diplomacy MevlütCavusoglu.

“What needs to be questioned and criticized is France’s policy, more specifically that of Macron (…) Macron should realize that attacking Turkey in this way will not get him any domestic policy. I hope he learns from it,” he added. he.

Last week, a source in the French presidency explained that Turkey’s “excessive” in Libya and the eastern Mediterranean pose a strategic challenge that goes beyond a simple “Franco-Turkish quarrel”.

“We are not in a Franco-Turkish quarrel, we have a real strategic challenge here that is due to the overrun of President Erdogan in Libya but also in the eastern Mediterranean,” said this source quoted by Reuters.

Limited scope for action

In particular, the firing line in Élysée includes the operation of exploration and exploration of gas and oil, in the definition of economic zones in a manner consistent with the Gulf of Montego, and “the restriction of the game led in Syria to the northeast and northwest and risk taking in Libya.”

Paris has never melted the Turkish offensive launched in October 2019 against Syrian Kurdish militias engaged with the Americans and Europeans in the fight against the Islamic State organization.

Not to mention the latest “maritime incident” that discovered a French naval frigate on June 10 against Turkish naval vessels. A Turkish maneuver is perceived as “extremely aggressive”.

In fact, Europeans, and especially France, have very little room for action against RecepTayyipErdogan, who on the contrary has several cards in hand to put pressure on Europe, beginning with blackmail linked to the flow of migrants, from Greece and now from Libya.

With AFP and Reuters