Genoa-Juventus 1-3, Juve avoids the trap

Juventus won Tuesday night in Serie A at Genoa, especially thanks to the Dubala-CR7 attack.

Genoa wants to avoid relegation and Juve a Lazio in retro. This confrontation had everything as a trap match for the Turks. A defused trap.

As you can expect, Juve outrageously dominated the exchanges. A real attack defense workshop, where local doorman Mattia Perin could show off his talents.

Especially during the first act, where the Rossoblu goalkeeper sickened Cristiano Ronaldo, the author of several attempts. 0-0 was the score at rest.

But Piedmont’s endurance would pay off in the second act. And it is from Dybala that light will come. Joya first plays Behrami with a double contact, before going into the opposite rectangle and finally fooling Perrin.

Cr7 will add its name to the scoreboard a few minutes later. The Portuguese succeed in a powerful strike over 20 meters that hits the mark for the break.

Douglas Costa will be attending the Piedmont party afterwards. The former Bayern Munich player performs a lavish left-wing chaplain fifteen minutes from the end.

Juve will then relax and take an anecdotal realization of Pinamonti. 1-3, end result. The bianconeri did not fall into the trap that Rossoblu set and is 4 points ahead of Lazio.