Kurdish family films live bombings of the picnic area of ​​Turkey

A video on June 25 threw a raw light on the bombing of the Kurdish people in Iraq. We see a family with two very young children having fun in the river in a picnic area. That’s when a loud noise cuts through the air and a projectile falls a few inches from the face of one of the children. It follows a scene of panic until the video ends. None of the people seen on the video were harmed.The scene took place on June 25 around 5:30 pm when a car and a shop in the picnic area of ​​Kuna Masi, a tourist village in the Kurdish province of As-Sulaymaniya, were hit by a bombing.

The video, shared by Zharo Baxtiar, visible to his wife and children in the video, was published by his brother at Twitter, where it has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. “Come, come and swim over there it is deeper”, “Come on, it is good, swim, swim” says in Kurdish Sorani in the video a group of adults with two children swimming in the river. When a projectile falls near them, they start shouting and repeat, “Get out of here!”.

Our editors were able to confirm that the video is genuine and filmed in this village, especially thanks to a characteristic blue building.

To the left, a screenshot of the video and to the right a photo published on Instagram and located in Kuna Masi.

Of Kurdish TV channels also filmed the same spot a few hours after the bombing and confirmed the damage to this tourist spot, in the immediate vicinity of a store and a car. In addition, the family was able to send the original file of metadata so that we could confirm the location and date of the photo shoot to our editors.

The GPS coordinates clearly refer to the village of Kuna Masi and the date corresponds to press articles on the subject as well as testimonies from Zharo Baxtiar: June 25 at around 5.30 pm.