The EU responds after the expulsion of the Venezuelan ambassador

Brussels will call the Venezuelan ambassador to the European institutions today following the expulsion of the head of the European Union delegation in Caracas. High Representative for European Diplomacy Josep Borrell threatens to “take measures for reciprocity”.

The convocation is scheduled for Tuesday, June 30 in the afternoon. The European Union wants to hear Nicolas Marudo’s ambassador to the European institutions, and “from there we will be able to see what action can be taken,” European diplomacy spokeswoman Virginie Battu said on Tuesday. .

The Venezuelan representative in Brussels must motivate the deportation of the EU ambassador to Caracas on Monday. President Nicolas Maduro gave him 72 hours to leave the country, in response to the sanctions the EU adopted on the same day against eleven Venezuelan officials.

Earlier, European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell condemned his deportation and announced “reciprocity measures”, he said in a message on his Twitter account. “Only a solution negotiated between the Venezuelans will allow the country to emerge from its deep crisis,” added the head of European diplomacy.

The EU has sanctioned eleven Venezuelan officials involved in opposition to the opposition against the government of Nicolas Maduro, including Luis Parra who tried to replace Juan Guaido in May in Parliament’s presidency. Juan Guaido is recognized as the interim president of Venezuela by about fifty countries.

With AFP