US fears explosion of Covid-19 case numbers

US health officials fear up to 100,000 new cases of Covid-19 per day, as the death rate again exceeds 1,000 deaths per day. The situation is also worrying in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With a further 1,199 deaths from the new corona virus in 24 hours, the daily report for the United States is on the rise, according to the bill published Tuesday, June 30 by Johns-Hopkins University. This gives the US total death toll to 127,322 deaths.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a prominent member of the president’s Coronavirus Crisis Cell, admitted that health officials “did not have complete control” of the pandemic. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we reach 100,000 (new cases, editor’s note) a day if we don’t reverse the trend,” he added. Currently, 40,000 new cases are detected daily.

He testified with three other doctors from major US health organizations before senators. All urged Americans, especially young people, to wear a mask and respect physical distance.

Trump angry at Beijing

Donald Trump again claimed responsibility for China, the country from which the virus originated. “As I watch the pandemic spread its horrible face around the world, including the damage that has been done in the United States, I become increasingly angry with China,” he tweeted.

Witnessing the deteriorating situation, the state of New York, which has long been the center of the American epidemic but has seen the epidemic diminish for several weeks, Tuesday brought to 16 the number of states whose visitors are quarantined. Among them is California, which now has more than 220,000 cases.

New York authorities were wary of states that opened too quickly

In this context, EU countries have decided to exclude the US from a list of 15 countries whose citizens will be welcomed again from Wednesday.

Globally, the pandemic, which has just crossed two symbolic thresholds – more than half a million dead and ten million cases – “is far from over” and even “accelerated,” warned on Monday l “World Health Organization (WHO). from AFP from official sources, 506,818 deaths and 10.3 million cases were officially registered at 7 a.m. Tuesday, the number of deaths worldwide has doubled in just under two months (250,000 on May 5) and an additional 50,000 have been recorded over the past ten days.

Nearly 60,000 dead in Brazil

The health situation is also alarming in Latin America and the Caribbean, where the death toll can exceed 400,000 in three months (114,000 currently) if stricter health measures are not taken in this region, according to the Pan American Organization of Health (OPS).

Brazil is the first country in Latin America and the second most affected country in the world, with 1.4 million confirmed cases and 59,594 deaths, according to an official report published on Tuesday. In this country, President Jair Bolsonaro has repeatedly questioned the containment measures taken by the governors of the Brazilian states. A ruling that forced the right-wing president to wear a mask in public was reversed Tuesday by a Brazilian judge.

“Brazil follows an epidemic curve similar to the US”

The epidemic seems to start again in China, where the WHO will send a “team next week” to determine the origin of the corona virus that appeared there in December.

In the UK, the government decided to reconfigure Leicester and its metropolitan area, which has more than 600,000 inhabitants, due to an outbreak of cases in this city in central England, the first to impose local restrictions. The town, which, like the rest of England, was preparing to open pubs, restaurants, cinemas and hairdressers on Saturday, saw stores that were not needed close on Tuesday, and most schools closed on Thursday.

The world of sports is a little more upset every day. The African Cup of Nations is postponed for one year and will take place in Cameroon in 2022.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, the UN Security Council is struggling to get a first resolution on the pandemic, with the risk of losing all credibility. After more than three months of blockades, France and Tunisia on Tuesday asked the Council to adopt a resolution calling for hostilities to cease to facilitate the fight against coronavirus. The result of the vote, which will be in writing, is expected on Wednesday.

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