decriminalization of homosexuality shares opinion

The decriminalization of homosexuality in Gabon was adopted by Parliament on Monday, after three weeks of debate. This historic decision is welcomed by the discrete gay community and by several associations, but is strongly criticized by some of the general public.

The news continues to get the headlines in Gabon and the buzz on social networks. The decriminalization of homosexuality was adopted by the Gabonese Senate on Monday, June 29, after three weeks of heated debates. The National Assembly also voted to do so on June 23. This historic decision by Parliament was welcomed by the discrete gay community and by several associations.

Since an amendment to the penal code was voted on in the Gabonese Senate in July 2019, homosexuality has been an “attack on morality” punishable by six months imprisonment and a fine of 5 million CFA francs (7,600 euros). The amendment to the law introduced by Prime Minister Julien Nkoghe Bekale, less than a year after its adoption, is seen as a betrayal and an insult to some of public opinion. Opponents claim that the parliamentarians’ vote does not reflect the views of the majority of the Gabonese.