last maneuvers before the election of mayor, right tears before “3rd round”

The tension remains whole in Marseilles, where the municipal judges did not give a clear verdict, Sunday. On the one hand, the left came first but without an absolute majority, and on the other hand swiped right before the “third round” of the vote, scheduled for Saturday during the first mandate of the mandate.

The informed observers of the political scene in Marseille that predicted a hectic week for the city of Marseille, awaiting the “third round” of the municipal elections, were not wrong.

In particular, there must be a matter of negotiations on stage to get around the deadlock between Printemps de Marseille, which came out on top in terms of the number of votes after the second round of municipal elections, but with only a relative majority for the left.

But it is especially on the right-hand side, which has ruled the city since 1995, as the thunderstorm sound, Thursday, July 2. In just a few hours, Republican candidate Martine Vassal struck in 4e sector, threw in the towel in favor of Bouches-du-Rhône deputy Guy Teissier, before a second elected Les Républicains announced Lionel Royer-Perreaut’s candidacy for mayor.

The right in split rows

By announcing her withdrawal, Martine Vassal, who appeared on election night to retain her candidacy, assured that she could count on returning to dissident Bruno Gilles, whose lists won three places for advisors.

The blocks to the left and right were thus the same, according to the calculations of the president of the department of Bouches-du-Rhône and of the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area, with 42 municipal councils each, in a city where the results in the sectors weigh heavily on the composition of the municipal government.

According to the law called the PLM (Paris Lyon Marseilles), the 101 new municipal councilors will proceed to the election of the mayor of the second city in France, Saturday, under the first mandate of the mandate. They will need to appoint Jean-Claude Gaudin’s successor in absolute majority in the first two rounds, or by qualified majority in the third round. In the event of a draw in the third round, the oldest member is elected.

It was this settlement in particular that had motivated Martine Vassal, whose campaign was shaken by a scandal linked to possible fake agents, to give way to Guy Teissier, 75 years old.

But Lionel Royer-Perreaut’s decision to apply for a mandate allowed the death of this strategy. “I know there are ongoing agreements with the National Front and I cannot form part of an alliance strategy with the National Front” (today the National Rally RN), accuses in a video message posted on Facebook Lionel Royer-Perreaut, easily re-elected on Sunday evening at the town hall in the city’s ninth and tenth arrondissements.

“I cannot support the candidate for Guy Teissier because he was not a candidate, he was not elected by Marseillais to be elected mayor of the district and better mayor of Marseille,” he said. he explains.

“It’s not a question of forming an alliance with RN”

Although Teissier, MP for 27 years and mayor of the sector for 18 years, was in 3rd place, during these municipal elections on the list of Lionel Royer-Perreaut, a very strong rivalry opposes the two men, according to an observer from Marseille political life quoted by AFP.

Asked by the AFP about the position he would adopt in the event of a victory thanks to the elected members of the RN, nine in number, Guy Teissier avoided: “It’s not on the ballot boxes,” he said. just launched.

For his part, Republican President Christian Jacob called “everyone with a sense of responsibility” in “dialogue and discussion” and passed to the AFP that “it is not a matter of making an alliance with the National Rally, no more than with the rebellious France”.

On the left, the situation remains unchanged. The head of Printemps Marseillais environmental list, Michèle Rubirola, is still trying to gather ex-socialist Samia Ghali, who has eight municipal councils.

“I hope they work with us (…) by sharing with Printemps Marseillais a project that ensures a rebalancing of Marseille and its public policies in all sectors,” wrote a press release Michèle Rubirola on Wednesday, addressing ” Samia Ghali and her driving companions “.

With eight advisers, Samia Ghali, re-elected in her sector before the Communist candidate for Printemps Marseillais, Jean-Marc Coppola, is in the role of arbitrator. Much sought after, the senator, now active with PS, has been silent on his intentions since Sunday.

While assuring her she would not “make any compromises”, Martine Vassal also started a photo call to her by recalling that she had withdrawn her list in the 8th sector of the city, where the senator was re-elected on Sunday, when The spring of Marseilles, on the other hand, had chosen to remain against it, causing a triangular with the RN.

“She is in charge of her votes, I invite you to ask her the question to see what will happen,” she said. Assessment Saturday.

With AFP