Manchester City – Liverpool 4-0, City sweeps away an already champion Liverpool

Manchester City dominated a Liverpool champion already on the commission of the 32nd day in the League.

3 shots, 3 goals. Having made an honorable mention at Liverpool, the new champion, Manchester City delivered a perfect score during the first period. And in the 25th minute, Pep Guardiola’s men opened the scoring.

Gomez and Sterling cling to the box and the last red gets a penalty converted by the excellent Kevin De Bruyne. Ten minutes later, Sterling crosses his shot from the right, passing between Alison’s legs for 2-0.

Just before the break, a one-two with De Bruyne allows the foot to be in striking position and the prototype from Pep Guardiola utilizes it. 3-0, the score at rest.

Liverpool are not in the game and are struggling to get into the game after its title has really been celebrated by Klopp’s men. Oxlade-Chamberlain will also score City’s fourth goal against his camp.

4-0, final score. The citizen application has been relentless before the release of Merseysider.