Mourinho will not trade Lo Celso for Bruno Fernandes

José Mourinho, Spurs coach, said center Giovani Lo Celso was more valuable to him than Bruno Fernandes.

Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho said he would not replace Giovani Lo Celso for Bruno Fernandes if given the opportunity.

The Manchester United midfielder has apparently been on his way to signing for Spurs. “I know nothing about it”, Mourinho first told Sky Sports when asked about talks between Spurs and Sporting.

Mourinho praises his foal

“But if that’s true, and Giovani Lo Celso was the player who came to Spurs [à la place], then I would say I would not trade Lo Celso for any player. Not just for Bruno, but for all players ”, exclaimed The Special One. A sign of confidence that the Argentine international will certainly appreciate.

As a reminder, Lo Celso came to Tottenham last summer from Betis. First it was loaned, then it was definitely transferred in January last year. He currently has a total of 30 matches and 2 goals with the London team, all competitions together.