Simeone finally provokes the Griezmann controversy in Barça

Diego Simeone once again put down discussions about Antoine Griezmann’s situation in Barcelona.

Coach Colchonero finally talked about the Gruezmann case after Tuesday night’s draw between Blaugrana and Atletico Madrid, during which the Frenchman came in at the end of the game.

The striker did not leave the bench until the 90th minute against Atletico Madrid and Simeone spoke on the subject of eudi, during his press conference before the match before the conflict on Friday with Real Mallorca.

“Three minutes can be crucial,” he said when asked if it was humiliating to give Griezmann so little time.

“We lost a Champions League final in three minutes,” he added.

Current journalists also asked Simeone if Griezmann had made a mistake when he left Atletico last summer.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful,” he said. “We still have a lot at stake at the end of the season. This is not an important topic for us.”