The army was deployed to the capital following deadly protests in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian army was deployed on Wednesday in Addis Ababa after a second day following protests that killed more than 80 people. Concerned by the murder of a popular Oromo singer Monday night, the unrest is spreading across Oromia province.

The situation is getting worse in Ethiopia. Tuesday 1your In July, the army was distributed to the capital Addis Ababa while deadly protests were held for the second day in a row.

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More than 80 people have already died in the protests as a result of the murder of popular singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa on Monday night. Among them, many protesters and members of the security forces, said the regional police chief on public television.

Several witnesses spoke of collisions between young people from the Oromo ethnic group and other ethnic groups. Collisions with the police also occurred.

Since Monday, protests have spread throughout the province of Oromia, which surrounds the Ethiopian capital, and have revived the complaints of the Oromo ethnic group, the largest in the country, which has condemned government repression for several decades.

Shots were heard in many parts of Addis Ababa, while groups of people with machetes and sticks attacked the streets.

Haacaaluu’s music inspired a whole generation of young Oromos, many of whom participated in the huge deadly demonstrations that shook the country for three years, pushing the forerunner of Abiy Ahmed in the head of government to resign in early 2018.

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