the state found responsible and ordered to compensate families

Justice acknowledged for the first time, Thursday, the state’s responsibility in the scandal of Dépakine. She ordered him to compensate three families whose children are severely disabled after being exposed to utero for this anti-epileptic drug.

A first in the Dépakine scandal. Justice acknowledged for the first time, on Thursday, July 2, the state’s responsibility in this act.

However, the Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) Administrative Court considered that the responsibility was shared, to a lesser extent, by the Sanofi Laboratory and prescribed doctors.

The state was ordered to compensate three families with approximately € 200,000, € 157,000 and € 20,000, depending on the date of birth of the five children affected, now aged 11 to 35 years.

“[Il] failed in their monitoring obligations by failing to take appropriate action and assume their responsibilities, ”the court said in a statement.

The family’s lawyer, Charles Joseph-Oudin, praised “good decisions”, especially because they also involve the laboratory’s responsibilities, while announcing that the applicants would “appeal in the three cases”.

Between 15,000 and 30,000 children with disabilities due to sodium valproate

At the hearing on June 24, the public rapporteur recommended paying compensation to the victims and their parents up to EUR 152,000 per person.

“I salute the condemnation of the state, we expected it, the court also recognizes the responsibility of the doctors who prescribe the drug,” responded Marine Martin, president and founder of Apesac, an association that helps parents of children suffering from the anti-convulsion syndrome and who represents 7 500 sacrifice.

“But I’m angry because 80% of children born before 2004 are excluded from benefits”, she condemns, recalling that “autism makes them disabled for life”.

For a child born in 1985, the courts considered that “only the risks of malformations were sufficiently documented to alert the health authorities’ vigilance”, but that the risks related to the occurrence of neurological disorders Developmental issues such as autism were not sufficiently known at that time.

Therefore, the appeal in the three documents, M indicatede Joseph Oudin.

The number of children with disabilities due to sodium valproate, a molecule found in depakin and used for epilepsy and bipolar disorder, is estimated to be between 15,000 and 30,000, according to studies.

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