Venezuela waives the expulsion of the European Union ambassador

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister and the head of European diplomacy announced on Thursday that Caracas had given up on expelling the European Union ambassador to Caracas.

Turn in Venezuela. Caracas has given up expel the ambassador from the European Union, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister and the head of European diplomacy announced Thursday.

“The Venezuelan government has decided to reverse the decision made on June 29, 2020, by which Ambassador Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa, Head of the European Union Delegation in Caracas, was declared persona non grata,” the statement said. generally in Brussels after a telephone interview between the two senior officials.

Minister Jorge Arreaza and Josep Borrell “agreed on the need to maintain the framework for diplomatic relations, especially at times when cooperation between the two sides can facilitate the path of political dialogue,” the statement said.

“Both have agreed to promote diplomatic contacts between the highest-level parties, within the framework of sincere cooperation and in accordance with international law,” the statement said.

In response to EU sanctions

On Tuesday, the European Union called on Venezuela to reverse its decision to expel its representative in Caracas and warned that it was ready to take “mutual action” against the Venezuelan ambassador to the EU. The latter, Claudia Salerno, also represents Venezuela’s interests with Belgium and Luxembourg.

On Monday, President Nicolas Maduro had given 72 hours to the head of the EU delegation in Caracas to leave Venezuela, in response to the sanctions adopted by the EU on the same day against eleven Venezuelan officials involved in opposition measures.

Several MEPs have been added to the EU blacklist, including Luis Parra, who tried to replace Juan Guaido in May as President of Parliament.

Juan Guaido is recognized as the interim president of Venezuela by about fifty countries.

The head of European diplomacy has repeatedly said that “only a solution negotiated between the Venezuelans will allow the country to emerge from its deep crisis”.

With AFP