Young South Africans gather to break apartheid symbols

In the US, the debate over the statues of personalities linked to the country’s slave past continues, but in South Africa activists have long pledged to bring down the symbols of colonization and apartheid.

“Botha must fall! The symbols of colonialism must fall!” Chant young South Africans at the foot of the statue of Louis Botha, the military chief of the first whites who settled in South Africa, in Cape Town.

In the parliamentary capital of South Africa there are symbols of the colonial past everywhere and more and more young people no longer want the statues of these personalities. As early as 2015, students from Cape Town had removed the statue of Cecil Rhodes [premier ministrede lacolonie du CapenAfrique du Sud et dont plusieurs territoire ont porté le nom, comme laRhodésie du Nord (actuelle Zambie) ou la Rhodésie du Sud (devenue Rhodésie puis Zimbabwe)].

In the country, some artists, such as Dali Tambo (son of the ANC’s first president), are appealing for the installation in the public space of big black figures to give back to the young their “heirloom racist”.