African youth mobilization for the climate

86% of the continent’s young people believe that they are suffering from the deleterious consequences of climate change. To speak of it is Vanessa Nakate, young environmental activist and founder of the “Rise Up!” With us from Kampala, Uganda. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, she talks about her commitment to protecting the environment in Africa, the effects of climate change in her country and the need for political leaders to act on the planet.

She participates in the “Africa-Europe Youth Meet-Up” which will take place from July 8-10. An event that enables young people from both continents to exchange their ideas and solutions to unite tomorrow’s world.

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Our second guest talks about her fight against terrorism and radicalization of young people. Imrana AlhajiBuba almost lost his life in a Boko Haram attack. The terrorist group then killed its two circles and its neighbor. He founded “Youth Coalition Against Terrorism”, an organization based in Nigeria.

The colonial past continues to be questioned on the continent, thanks to the shock wave caused by the death of George Floyd in the United States. .